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It isn't until I make my way back onto land that I remember how much I love the calmness of being surrounded by trees. Each branch tells a journey through time towards the light, vines intertwined to create a maze that my eyes could trace for hours. The rich smell of earth wraps itself around me and pulls me to slow down, slow step- by slow step, so that my senses can fully process this overwhelming energy. My bare feet sliding through the mud are quite happy to be touching earth and don't mind the occasional bite from a bug that helps sustain this unique ecosystem. The sounds of birds & buzz of insect wings pour into my ears and every single thing seems to be oozing with pure life. & then there's this light, that drops through the canopy and hangs on the particles that fill the freshest air that could ever be. So yes, I tend to be the last one to finish each hike, but thats fine by me.  

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