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the ART of FILM

To me, "Films" & "Story Telling", are nearly synonymous. Unlike a photo that can stand on it's own, each second of film is 24 frames that are just as interlinked to their neighbours as they are to the first and last frame of the film. Music, audio, color, continuity, characters... these are all pieces of the puzzle that give films the power to make you FEEL something. To say it is a fine art, is an understatement, because in reality it is many fine arts bundled into one. 



Since March 2017, I have had the incredible opportunity and honour to live, sail, work and film on a 53 foot sailboat named "DELOS". So far, my time on the boat began in South Africa, led us across the South Atlantic, up the coast Brasil, through the Caribbean Islands, up the Florida Keys, and then back across the North Atlantic with stops in Bermuda, the Azores and Canary Islands before making my third Atlantic Ocean Crossing back to the Caribbean.  It's been a hell of a ride, and here are some of my favorite episodes that I have edited and helped shoot. 



While traveling in Colombia over the summer of 2016, I was asked by a gypsy pirate to film a show about what its like to live, work and play on his Catamaran that sails between Central and South America. I spent 6 weeks on El Gitano Del Mar- adventuring on isolated islands, running from storms, falling asleep under the stars, waking up in the rain, learning about the locals, and meeting absolutely incredible people from all over the world. Below are the two episodes that I produced, filmed and edited. Big thanks to everyone who played along!


picnics IN paradise

"Hopefully inspire people to get out of the squares and get out there to see what that big round world has to offer", said Jaryd Adair when I met him in Nicaragua in 2015. He was half way through a bicycle ride from Canada to Patagonia, painting to make a living on his travels down. This short film was one of the first I made but remains a favorite!


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