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“It didn’t feel real, it didn’t feel like only water rushing past us- the cave felt hungry. Like we had just swam into the mouth of a sea creature that was so big we didn’t even see it for what it was. And then whoosh, we were spat out of the cave back into the open blue to find Karin also fighting the surge even a good 10 meters out. My racing heart cried for air, and I remembered I could actually breathe. I looked down at my throbbing hand and saw discolored green blood from the cuts on both sides- That was a first..” 

― Alex Blue


"People are so easily morphed and influenced, it’s one of the dangerous yet incredible things that makes us human. So, to find myself in the middle of an ocean surrounded by waves, clouds and flying fish, I couldn’t help but smile at the clarity of my mind. No billboards, no ads, no frustrating traffic or cell phones ringing. No meetings to be late to. Just me, and whatever I wanted to focus my thoughts on ."


― Alex Blue


"Because people weren’t really built to be underwater or in the Arctic. Yes- we have done it, but not without the help of the animal skins of the past or the technological clothing of today. Our modern weather forecasting, accurately detailed charts, and trusty radar allow us to understand and predict the world in a way we could not do solo. So it does feels slightly absurd to be up here, to be sailing around the glaciers of Svalbard. But, as unnatural as it is, it also feels very human. Because as a species, this is what humans do. They seek to bend the constraints that nature has over us. They strive to push it further- into outer space, to the depths of the ocean and the poles of our world. Faster, smarter, smaller, more efficient with each expedition. So all I can do is smile, because in this moment I feel proud to be human. ."


― Alex Blue

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